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"The Rosetta Stone for Guitar Theory"

AudioTheory Guitars is the ultimate reference tool for guitar notes and chords. Featuring a built-in keyboard, each note reacts to your input across the customisable chord and fretboard diagrams. For anyone who's ever wished music theory was that little bit more straightforward – this is the software you need.
Updates & News
1.5.0 – Drop D Tuning + Octave Specific Playback Update Octave-specific note highlighting and support for Drop D (plus Drop Db) tuning.
1.4.0 – Fullscreen Scale Selector Update Presets for the pentatonic and blues scales plus a fullscreen selector.
1.3.0 – Power and Barre Chord Update Barre and power chords are now part of the available chord selection.
1.2.0 – Fullscreen Chord Selector Update View all available chords (with diagrams) from a single screen.
1.1.0 – Chord & Note Playback Update Extended note playback functionality and a play button next to each chord.

The full set of features:

Adjustable Capo
Note Highlighting
Customisable Scale
Kitchen Adjustable Capo
Sitting Room Note Highlighting
Sitting Room Customisable Scale
  • Seamlessly transcribe between piano and guitar using a straight-forward colour coding system and notation highlighting. Play a note on the keyboard to instantly see where it is in your chords and on your fretboard.
  • Set your capo and everything adjusts accordingly – no need for a chord transposition chart.
  • Exclude notes and never play out of key again. Your fretboard diagram now only shows the notes you need and your keyboard doesn't play the ones don't.
  • Chord and note playback. Select your chords and notes from the diagrams to play them on the keyboard.
  • Midi support. Connect an external Midi input device to control the on-screen keyboard.
  • Full customisation. Select the chords you want. Left-handed mode for left-handed players. Choose between guitar and bass fretboard diagrams.
“The idea behind the software is customisation. It all started when I couldn’t find a diagram of a left-handed fretboard tuned half-a-step-down and had to create my own. Then I tuned back to E and had to update my diagram. Then I wanted to share it with a right handed bass player and... well you get the idea. I realised that I needed to rebuild my diagram in an interactive format. Every feature followed from here.”
–Fraser Mackenzie, creator of AudioTheory Guitars
AudioTheory Guitars is available for $6.99. This includes all features and future updates.

It can be downloaded dirctly or through Steam.